Welcome to a New Paradigm in Health Care

At Dillberg Integrated Healthcare we look at the whole body - structural integrity, nutritional levels, blood toxicity, cellular health, and mental or emotional stress patterns to access any interference to natural levels of health and vitality.  This is a unique and dynamic approach to wellness.  Our clinic is one of very few throughout the world that employs advanced techniques to access weaknesses, and can restore vitality: structurally, chemically, electro-magnetically, and emotionally.  We call this our "Four Vector Approach" to Health and Wellness. 

In our clinic you have an opportunity to discover a wholistic approach to holistic healthcare.  We focus on preventive healthcare, but also on patient education so that you can learn how underlying causes can create symptoms, dysfunction, and disease.  Our patients come to us with a wide array of health concerns, but each of them has a desire to be the best they can be.

What if we have been looking at pain, or symptoms in the wrong way?  Instead of interpreting them as something bad, we could recognize them as a warning sign.  A warning sign gives us the opportunity to change our course and avoid catastrophe. 

We can help you fill in the missing pieces of your healthcare puzzle.  Many of our patients have tried using nutrition, or Acupuncture, or Chiropractic – but, without the results that they desire.  In our clinic we can assess different correlative weaknesses allowing us to see the whole picture, reducing stress, balancing the body’s frame and chemistry.  This puts all the puzzle pieces in place and makes it so that symptoms are no longer necessary. 


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