Alkaline Broth - A gorgeous green vegetable soup


Alkaline Broth / Super Green Soup Recipe
Super easy, super yummy, and super-duper HEALTHY!
Choose a combination of equal amounts from the following list of vegetables:
Ø      Celery
Ø      Green Beans
Ø      Zucchini
Ø      Spinach
Ø      Parsley
Always add: (varying the amounts to your liking)
Ø      Green onion or leek
Ø      Whole peeled garlic cloves
Chop all the ingredients and place in a steamer basket in a pot with a tight fitting lid. Steam approx. 5 minutes – or until tender but still crisp. 
Place batches of the vegetables along with the water from steaming into a blender or food processor. If necessary add additional water or broth for consistency and flavor.
Fresh or dried herbs, and natural organic broth concentrate can be a nice addition. Try to add only natural/organic ingredients, avoiding any chemical additives (read the label on the broth).
Michele says: “I like to add lots of onion, leek, and garlic (5 cloves!!). You can vary the herbs for added flavor. Feel free to change it up - adding different herbs, green onion, or vary the garlic, etc.  If it doesn't taste quite right when you first blend it up add some organic vegetable or chicken broth, and/or some more herbs.  Avoid adding alot of salt for flavoring - try to get more flavor out of herbs, etc.  If you feel it needs a little salt, try using just a pinch of sea salt or spike seasoning.  If you are experimenting – just make small batches at first. I steam up a big pot, blend it up and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Heat small amounts on the stove, and bring some along in a thermos if you are going to be out for the day. ”
Refer to your heath program for the amount of broth to drink per day. Generally it is recommended to drink between 8-32 oz. to alkalize your system. 
If your system is sensitive:
·        Place the above vegetables in a soup pot – rather than a steamer basket. This will allow the veggies to cook to a softer consistency
·        Bring the pot to a boil, then let it simmer for 45-60 minutes. Drain and keep the broth. You can throw away the vegetables because the nutrients will be leached out of them.