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Kerry Forker "They Got me Pregnant"


Kerry Forker made Kauai her home 41 years ago. This California girl turned Hawaiian when she settled on the sunny South Side. She still lives there and now works at the United Airlines Customer Service Desk. Be sure to say hi, and tell her you read her story when you see her!
How it all started…
It was at Church that Kerry first met the Dillbergs. Michelle introduced themselves to her. Kerry found it interesting that Michelle’s husband was also named Kerry. “Cool, she thought. We both have the same name. But how do you spell your name?” She asked. When Dr. Dillberg said “K-E-R-R-Y”, she knew they'd be friends. 

What’s Organic?

Kerry, (Forker that is) said she didn't have much Holistic Medicine experience prior to meeting the Dillbergs. Eating alkaline, organic, and a mainly plant based diet was not commonplace when she first arrived on the islands. “Big Save in Koloa had never heard of Organic. Now you walk in and you have options. It’s great!”

Why did she choose DIH?

Kerry’s son Kyle had suffered from asthma while growing up.  One day when she was driving home from the doctors office after having to take her son in for an asthma attack, she decided that she was OVER IT! Kyle had been through Nebulizers, Steroids, Epinephrin, and countless Doctors visits. Kerry had not had good experiences with western medicine and it seemed as if her sons health was only getting worse. It was then that she went into the Dillberg’s office and told Michelle about Kyle’s situation. Michelle gave her a Chinese Bronchial Medicine to try. Kerry gave it to Kyle and said he “coughed up a bunch of stuff, and it cleared his lungs. After that there was no looking back.” 
She did however have her reserves. She was still hesitant to see a Doctor and was very worried that he was going to tell her that she or her son had very serious, un-healable health problems.  She decided to turn her fear into faith. “Health” she says, “is a spiritual, mind, body experience. It addresses all areas of your life. This was something I had to learn and now I know to be true.” 

They got me pregnant!

Kerry has enjoyed the freedom that comes when you are proactive and have a say in your and your families health care. The Dillbergs encouraged her to commit to her well-being. “They also got me pregnant”, she jokes. “ No, really, they did.” Kerry wanted to have another baby but was having a hard time getting pregnant. It seemed as if she may have to do In Vitro Fertilization. It was then that she was encouraged to go through the Dillbergs cleanse program. “I did realize that I wasn't eating so well.” So she jumped on and tried adjusting as best as she could. Kerry changed her diet to eating a more alkaline based diet and included lots of fresh fruits and veggies. She also “swears” by the supplements and the Blood Type Diet for the integrative support during the cleanse. She went through the Dillbergs cleanse program and got pregnant! 

What has helped Kerry?

Her second son Kody was born premature. Kerry flew to Oahu and had him at Kapiolani Hospital. Once again she was grateful for the support and guidance of her friends. The Dillbergs encouraged her by giving her the wisdom she needed to speak up and make sure that her and her son were healthy and well cared for.
Her family went through some tremendous changes. “My son never had a Hamburger till he went to College. He also didn't have any serious health problems.” Throughout the years Kerry has turned to the Dillbergs to help with other areas of her life. Recognizing the connection between mind and body was a huge discovery for her. She experienced panic attacks and so Dr Dillberg looked into her Hormones. Together they found the balance. “Supplements, diet, and being forgiving has brought her peace and back to God and faith.” When she was having a hard time going through Menopause, Dr Dillberg checked up on her adrenals and once again they found a balance that worked for her, taking into consideration what the Dillbergs call the Four Vectors of Health. “Dr Dillberg has given me great tools” to care for her health. 
I’d love to be able to “do for them as they've done for me. If I could describe my relationship with them in one word it would be, family. Their kids call me the ‘other mother’. Its been a great relationship.”

In closing…

“If someone out there is looking for help,” says Kerry, “ my suggestion to you is… be willing to jump out of the box. People can see the changes in me and my own excitement about Dillberg Integrative Health Care.  Maybe I wouldn’t have had my son Kody without their help!” 

Thanks so much Kerry for sharing!