Patient Education

In our office we are dedicated to the empowerment of education.  On your first visit you will go through a comprehensive case history and evaluation.  During this time the doctor will explain different factors that can contribute to dysfunction and disease.  You will receive our book " BE HAPPY - BE HEALTHY Lifestyle and Diet Ideas".  This book explains all of the foundational concepts on health and vitality.  Throughout your care in our office you can personalize your book by inserting your health program protocols and recommendations.  

We see our patients as their own best doctor, and we see our professional services as an integral part of your healthcare team.  It is our desire to match the commitment and energy you devote to your health.

Contact our office for information on upcoming lectures, symposiums, and workshops.

  •  Expanded Health Workshops and Forums held each month in our office in Koloa – call our office for upcoming dates and topics.
  • Community Lectures & speaking engagements to groups and organizations:  Dr. Kerry & Dr. Dustin make themselves available to work with students, and community organizations who wish to know more about Optimal Health, where it comes from, how we lose it, and how we can regain it.