Dr. Kerry Dillberg, D.C., L.Ac, FASBE Bio

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September 30, 2009
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Dr. Kerry Dillberg, D.C., L.Ac, FASBE
Dillberg Integrated Healthcare
Dr. Kerry L. Dillberg, D.C., L.Ac, FASBE, has been in clinical practice for over 30 years specializing in preventive healthcare including nutrition, Chiropractic, postural and spinal rehabilitation, Neuro-Emotional Technique and traditional Chinese medicine. He currently practices on Kauai, Hawaii with his son Dustin at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare.
As young as five, Dr. Dillberg knew that he was interested in pursuing a degree in Chiropractic. He was so focused on this dream that in the seventh grade he wrote letters to several Chiropractic Universities stating his desire to attend their revered facilities. Many years later, that vision became reality when he obtained entrance into Cleveland Chiropractic College’s Los Angeles Campus.
After graduating in 1976, Dr. Dillberg continued his post-graduate work by studying traditional Chinese medicine for four years at SAMRA University.   His mentor and world-renowned doctor, Emuha Chung, further expounded his knowledge to include acupuncture, herbalogy, and nutrition resulting in his unique and comprehensive 4-Vector Approach to health and wellness. Structure, chemical, electro-magnetic and emotion complete the four-system method.
Dr. Dillberg practiced under Dr. Chung for several years before opening his own clinic in Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills, California. His clinic’s mission was to listen to his patients and provide them with the tools to achieve their healthcare goals. Because he was one of few doctors at the time that utilized both Chiropractic techniques as well as an immense knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, he was able to provide his patients with comprehensive care allowing them to reach higher levels of vitality and longevity.
In 1992, Dr. Dillberg moved his clinic to the island of Kauai where he has been practicing ever since. His son Dustin joined Dillberg Integrated Healthcare in 2007. 
Throughout his years of clinical practice in California and Kauai, Dr. Dillberg increased his knowledge base by furthering his education. He received a number of post- graduate certifications including Spinal Rehabilitation, Bio Energetic Synchronization, Nutrition, Detoxification, and Neuro-Emotional Techniques. Dr. Dillberg integrated these approaches into the clinical setting, resulting in an extensive list of treatment modalities to cure his patients. He has also taken his knowledge around the world by teaching these techniques at many functional medical conferences.
Dr. Dillberg, along with his son Dustin, is committed to Dillberg Integrated Healthcare’s mission of providing preventative and corrective healthcare to patients with a wide variety of healthcare goals and problems.