Kauai’s Keiki Benefit as Dillberg Integrated Healthcare Donates the First Patch “O” Fitness Course to the Island of Kauai

Dillberg Integrated Healthcare unveiled the new Egoscue Patch “O” Fitness Course at Kalaheo Elementary School on Thursday, April 1st.  The Patch “O” Course allows kids to exercise naturally - climbing, crawling, jumping, and balancing.  This kind of organic exercise creates a balanced musculature and healthy posture. 

The equipment was obtained through a joint donation from Dillberg Integrated Healthcare and the Egoscue Foundation's Patch Project Initiative, which aims to reduce childhood obesity through physical activity.  The indoor/outdoor equipment is portable, and it can be transported so that many of Kauai’s schools will be able to benefit.

Dillberg Integrated Healthcare worked with Plantation Gardens Restaurant, along with many local businesses and individuals who participated in an event last November to raise funds to purchase the equipment.  "The community support was outstanding", Dustin Dillberg said. "We were able to exceed our goals and obtain enough equipment to start our initiative.  Ultimately, we hope to have enough equipment for all of the schools on Kauai to be able to benefit.  More fund raising events are planned for this year, and we are looking for sponsors and partners who would like to help Kauai's keiki become healthier and more fit."

Dustin Dillberg is a certified Egoscue trainer and uses the Egoscue techniques in the Integrated Healthcare Practice he shares with his father, Dr. Kerry Dillberg.  "It is exciting to see people of all ages begin to understand the importance of proper posture and alignment.  True health means the absence of limitations, being able to do the things that you want to do.  We work with people who are in their 80's and are still able to enjoy activities they love, because they are healthy and balanced.  It is such a shame to see very young children unable to run or jump from of postural imbalances or because they are overweight," Dillberg states.

Ward Niccore, one of the physical education teachers at Kalaheo Elementary School, is very excited to have access to the new equipment.  "The Patch Fitness obstacle course uses a series of changeable platforms, beams, and bases to improve kids' balance and agility.  It will be a real asset to our fitness program."  Ward's daughter, Canyon, benefited greatly from Egoscue program exercises after she was injured in a car accident.  "Canyon was able to regain full motion and ability in her feet and legs by doing her Egoscue exercises with Dr. Dustin, and she had fun doing it!"   

"It is a new fun way to enjoy fitness", says Jodi Goo, a counselor at Kalaheo School.  "Seeing the children climbing all over this equipment with big smiles on their faces shows us how successful this program can be." 

If you would like to learn more about the Egoscue Patch Initiative or postural rehabilitation programs at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare, please call 742-9326. 

Dillberg Integrated Healthcare specializes in nutrition, Chiropractic, postural and spinal rehabilitation, Neuro-Emotional Technique and traditional Chinese medicine.  Dr. Kerry Dillberg and his son Dustin Dillberg, L.Ac, are committed to the mission of providing preventative and corrective healthcare to patients with a wide variety of healthcare goals and problems.  For more information on Dillberg Integrated Healthcare, please contact (808) 742-9326 or visit www.dillberghealth.com.