Specializing in the Four Vectors of Stress

September 30, 2009
Contact: Robin Jumper
(808) 635-3053

Dillberg Integrated healthcare, located in Poipu, Kauai, practices the “Four Vector Approach” to health and wellness. Structure, chemical, electro-magnetic and emotion complete the four-system method.

The uniqueness of the “Four Vector Approach” is that Dr. Dillberg, and his son and partner Dustin, can assess different correlative weaknesses in the body and employ advanced techniques to reduce stress, balance the body’s frame and chemistry and restore vitality.  This dynamic system to wellness is unparalleled in the state of Hawaii.

By reviewing the patient’s structural integrity, nutritional levels, blood toxicity, cellular health, mental and emotional stress patterns, the doctors can determine interferences and restore natural levels of health and vitality.  For example, a patient can develop headaches because of structural stress, (misalignment, poor posture, injury) chemical stress, (dehydration, poor diet, chemical exposure) electro-magnetic stress, (television exposure, computer, cell phones) or emotional stress, (anxiety, fear, frustration).  These factors can individually cause a headache, or can be an accumulation of several causes.  Once the doctors identify the stress indicators, they work with their patients on a program that helps achieve their healthcare goals.  This process ultimately restores the patient’s health and invigorates their vitality.

Some of their treatment modalities practiced at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare include Chiropractic, postural rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine, Egoscue, and Pettibon Spinal Technologies.  These treatments, complimented by several advanced testing procedures provide the doctors with an incredible foundation to treat patients.

One patient states, “I have been dealing with cancer for 8 years now. I feel a huge part of health is your emotional state of being.  Dr. Dillberg has helped me tremendously in dealing with very painful harmful emotions that needed erasing in my psyche.  I must say his NET techniques are extremely effective and I highly recommend them.”  Another patient asserts, “Dillberg Integrated Healthcare is what healthcare should be.  I cannot say enough good about the team and the service we have received.  Dr. Kerry Dillberg balances a mixture of genuine caring, and scientific expertise.  He saved my daughter’s life.  Teams of medical doctors were unable to give her any diagnosis.  Dr Kerry figured it out and mapped her recovery.  I believe the successes they are experiencing here are proof-positive to redefine theory and practice for the whole medical field.”

The doctors at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare have treated thousands of patients around the world by incorporating the four-vector approach into their care.  For more information, visit their office, call 808-742-9326 or go to www.dillberghealth.com.