Tristain Hedges Story A Family’s Will to Conquer Their Son’s ADHD The Natural Way

 The Hedges, residents from the west side of Kauai are a compelling story of one family’s drive to provide a better, healthy and medication-free life for their son Tristain who was diagnosed with ADHD.


Tristain Hedges was a high-energy child with a compulsion for organization.  However, in the 6th grade his parents noticed some behavioral changes including insecurity, isolation, and emotional deficiencies.  They took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed foculin and fluoxetine (prozac).  While some of the symptoms were suppressed, the prescription medication caused drowsiness, reduced social interaction with family and friends, as well as an increased desire for complete isolation.


Over the years, these consequences coupled with limited improvement in his behavior caused Tristain’s parents to research other options for their son.  After bidding on a High Resolution Blood Cell Analysis from Dillberg Integrated Healthcare at a silent auction, they started the physical and emotional healing process for Tristain.


His first visit to Dillberg Integrated Healthcare was in April of 2009.  During the initial consultation with Dr. Kerry Dillberg, Tristain complained of having a hard time tolerating any kinds of stress.  Physical activity caused pain, while any type changes with daily activities would cause strain on his body. His parents reported to Dr. Dillberg some of the side effects that the drugs caused, and that that his diet consisted of foods high in sugar. At the time of his first visit, Tristain weighed 90 pounds, stood 5’3” tall, and was 17 years old, but appeared much younger.


The High Resolution Blood Cell Analysis showed that Tristain’s blood was highly toxic and had increased levels of debris to the point that his red blood cells were sticking together.  His program began with a genetic dietary outline where Tristain ate foods that were compatible with his blood type. His mother noticed positive changes within a week.  He had more energy, slept better and was less loud around the house.  Dr. Dillberg continued his care by prescribing a month long detoxification program.  Tristain and his family followed the dietary guidelines well and the surprising results motivated and encouraged them to continue with the protocols. 


At the end of the school year of 2009, Tristain was able to stop taking all prescription medication.  He continued on with Dr. Dillberg’s next phase of treatment, which was to provide Tristain with more detailed dietary protocols to specifically address his brain chemistry.  This was complimented with a supplement program.


Over the next 11 months, Tristain continued with his nutritional program while receiving treatments to adjust his posture, alignment, and balance.   He had many structural misalignment patterns that were affecting his neurological system.  By incorporating a number of treatment modalities including chiropractic, and neuro-emotional technique, Dr. Dillberg was able to improve the overall health of Tristain.  Dr. Dillberg’s focus was never system suppression.  Instead, he worked to remove the interferences that were causing Tristain’s system’s limited functionality.


After 19 months of care, Tristain is still prescription medication free. He has gained 14 pounds and grown 2 inches.  He actively participates in the Boy Scouts of America, his church’s youth group, as well as plays basketball with his friends.  He is looking forward to his senior year in high school.


Dr. Dillberg states "It has been a pleasure to see Tristain thrive.  When we started, his coordination and dexterity were major issues.  Just having him do simple exercises and go through range of motion gave him quite a challenge.  Now, he has fantastic control of his movements, and is able to enjoy exercise and activities that he had so much trouble with in the past". 


The Hedges have proved that with hard work and commitment, ADHD does not have to debilitate a family.  With changes to diet, supplementation and chiropractic care, they helped their son take control of his life, medication free.  The result, Tristain is a kind, outgoing and socially capable young man with a huge future ahead of him. 


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