Triumph over Adversity Bethany Hamilton’s Lifestyle Journey with Dillberg Integrated Healthcare

Bethany Hamilton is known for being a courageous water woman and world-class surfer.  She is the poster girl for Rip Curl, and travels around the world representing elite women athletes in the sport of professional surfing.


In 2003, she experienced a life-changing event when a tiger shark bit off her left arm.  For many, that would have been a sign to stay on land.  But Bethany’s steadfast attitude in getting back into the water combined with an incredible work ethic has provided her the foundation to develop into one of the top professional surfers on the circuit.


While Bethany had access to world-class international trainers over the years, her care was never consistent due to their location and her constant travel.  Often times she would only see them one to two times a year.


In April, her mom won a donated gift certificate at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare for a live blood cell analysis and she gave it to Bethany.  After her first experience at DIH, she knew that her prayers had been answered and that she would have the quality care she was seeking right on her home island of Kauai. 


She began her lifestyle journey after the blood work revealed that she had signs of chemical imbalances that were causing her health limitations and immune compromise.  She started to follow their nutritional protocols while embarking on a 30-day systemic detoxification.  She reported feeling increased energy levels, less food cravings and minimal soreness after competitions.


Dustin Dillberg became her primary care provider and continued her treatment. “I believe in the body’s inate ability to health itself.  All it takes is balancing her lifestyle habits not only chemically, but also physically, emotionally, and electro-magnetically” states Dustin. “She learned many ways to improve her health including postural exercises from the Egoscue Method that enabled her body to take in more air with every breath and help cleanse her system of pollutants.”


The next phase of her journey included spinal rehabilitation.  X-rays indicated that her spine was rotated and curved toward her stronger right side.  She had a spinal distortion of 50 degrees so Bethany worked with a combination therapies including Pettibon Chiropratic, Egoscue Method, and Acupuncture. She utilized head, shoulder and hip weights, as well as cervical traction and block exercises to help with correcting her alignment.  Within 3 months, her distortion was reduced by nearly 50%.


Her spinal misalignments led Dillberg to create a personalized Egoscue postural program to further correct her alignment.  The Egoscue Method®, created by world renowned author Pete Egoscue is the world leader in non-medical pain relief.  His method relieves chronic pain and encourages peak physical performance, which was exactly what Bethany needed at this phase in her journey.


Once her body rid itself of its barriers, as it is commonly said in Dillberg’s clinic- Get Straight… then Strengthen.  Bethany was only introduced to her personalized TRX suspension training program 2 months ago, but in her words, she is hooked.  Bethany stated that due to the shortness of her left limb, she had a difficult time finding a way to work out the left side of her body. The TRX works great to strengthen and stabilize her left side.  The portability of the TRX strap allows her to take her training regime on the road.  She can tie it to a tree at a surf spot, or above her door in a hotel room and still have the ability to implement her exercise program while traveling.


The result, Bethany feels stronger, balanced and more confident in the water.  Her overall health has improved drastically and she now looks forward to coming home and visiting the Dillbergs at their practice.


Dillberg notes, “The Human body is such an amazing machine, and Bethany’s story is an inspiration to all of us.  She is a determined individual who strives to live life to the fullest.  While she has to work hard to stay balanced, she is extremely cognizant of her body and is active in maintaining a healthy and vital lifestyle.  The improvements I see in Bethany's strength are great and I believe her focus on health is not only benefiting her now but will continue to for many decades to come.”


Dillberg Integrated Healthcare specializes in nutrition, Chiropractic, Egoscue Method of postural Therapy and Pettibon spinal rehabilitation, Neuro-Emotional Technique and traditional Chinese medicine.  Dr. Kerry Dillberg and his son Dustin Dillberg, L.Ac, PAS, AET, are committed to the mission of providing preventative and corrective healthcare to patients with a wide variety of healthcare goals and problems.  For more information on Dillberg Integrated Healthcare, please contact (808) 742-9326 or visit