Welcome New Patients

Welcome to a New Paradigm in Health Care
Dr. Dillberg's broad background in healthcare - along with his advanced studies in spinal rehabilitation, nutritional therapies, hormonal balance, detoxification, and functional medicine - allow him to personally assess your health issues and create a holistic plan to improve overall function and vitality. The purpose of our clinic is to support each individual in understanding their health potential and to achieve their healthcare goals. All patient education and treatment is designed especially for you. We hope that you share this opportunity with people you care about.

Outline of Procedure for New Patients

Step One: All new patients are requested to fill out our comprehensive New Patient Forms. These forms can be completed in our office, or can be downloaded and printed out from our website (here below) to allow you to complete them prior to your first appointment. Some of the questions are what we call “thoughtful”. We ask that you offer the most complete and concise information possible. You will notice that Dr. Dillberg’s emphasis is not only on your symptoms, but also on your priorities and health goals. Together you will make a health plan to help you attain your goals and feel your best.

Step Two: Your initial appointment will include a thorough health history and evaluation. Throughout the consultation, and during the Doctor’s explanations, he will be trying to determine if the services we offer are a fit for your health issues and your personal goals. During this evaluation will take additional time to explain his approach and give you information that will allow you to make educated decisions concerning your health plan.

As the Doctor explains his recommendations, and his unique approach for your particular health issues, please let him know if you understand and agree – or if this type of healthcare program does not resonate with you. If he determines that he can accept your case, you (along with the doctor) will determine what your health priorities are, and your initial course of action for better health.

Step Three: A case plan will be developed for you. Further examination may be recommended. Examinations may include: Postural Analysis, Dynamic X-rays, High Resolution Blood Analysis, Chinese Medical Evaluation, Chemical Balance evaluation, and/or Orthopedic or Neurological Examinations as your case requires.
Comprehensive Lab work could also be recommended. We use Functional Medicine Laboratories that specialize on holistic comprehensive laboratory panels to reveal: Food Allergy/Sensitives, Hormone Balance, and Neuro Transmitter Brain Function. (Please refer to the complete explanations of these exams by clicking on the "our services" tab on our website: www.dillberghealth.com).

Step Four: If your case requires immediate attention, care will be administered.

Step Five: You will be advised when to return for a “report of findings” when your Doctor will inform you of his recommendations and whether your case has been accepted. Financial arrangements will be discussed.

Step Six: A treatment program will be recommended based upon your needs, and your health care goals.

Step Seven: Treatment will begin and your case will be monitored with re-exams and evaluations as needed until your condition has been fully corrected or until maximum benefits has been obtained.

Thank you for your interest in our office, and your commitment to better health. We would be very happy to work with you to meet your health goals. 
Please call our office to set up an appointment (808) 742-9326.  Using email (because we have to go back and forth) could delay you getting the appointment time you need.  We look forward to speaking with you, and answering any questions you might have.
The first step to toward improving your health is the Initial New Patient Evaluation and Examination. The fees for this evaluation includes the costs for the examinations and the report of findings that will be scheduled in a follow-up appointment.

New Patient Fees

The first appointment includes: consultation, evaluation, and recommendations. For ongoing health issues we ask that new patients submit any and all available medical records and lab reports to allow the doctor to make a full assessment and to avoid duplicate testing if possible. Initial appointment fees can range between $175-$250 depending on the complexity of the case. We will give you a full explanation of our fees as your information becomes available.

After the initial evaluation, as listed above, other examinations may be recommended, or treatment will commence. If you have questions regarding any or all of the examinations or services we offer, we will be happy to answer your questions by phone or via email.

Missed Appointment Policy

Because we offer comprehensive treatment, and spend a great deal of time in preparation for each appointment, we require at least 48 hours notice when canceling a new patient appoinmtent (24 hours notice to cancel or change a routine appointment). Our missed appointment fees are 50% of the regular fee for the appointment.
Insurance coverage is varied, depending on your policy and the services rendered. 
Worker's compensation and Auto Med Pay insurance generally pay 100%, without any deductible. 
Our office is not able to participate with PPO's or HMO's because of the wide background and services the doctors provide in this office.  In insurance terms, they call our office "multi-disiplinary", which means that they believe that when you come to an office that offers a wide variety of services it will likely cost the insurance company more money.  We strongly disagree - because our patients receive care for the whole body, and are able to participate in programs that get them healthier, faster, and with better understanding that allows them to progress year after year to become the best they can be.  We do however, provide "superbills" for our patients to submit fees from our office to the insurance company for reimbursement.   Additionally, we set up personalized payment programs for our patients to allow anyone who is serious about their health to be able to receive care in our office.  
Auto Accident or Work Related Injury: If you have been in an auto accident or experienced a work related injury insurance will pay for 100% of related health care. Please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you to obtain full insurance coverage.


At Dillberg Integrated Healthcare we do not want our fees to get in the way of anyone who is serious about their health.  We offer many different program and payment schedules, and can personalize a program to meet your health care needs and priorities. 
Please call our office for specific fee information after you have reviewed the different services we offer.  We are always happy to help you set your priorities and develop a plan that will allow you to feel your best.


In order to determine how we can best help you and establish which examinations and treatment methods are of the highest priority, it is important that you complete a thorough health history for your confidential file.  Please read through these instructions, and then click on the link below to download the printable forms.  Let our office know that you have already completed the paperwork, prior to your appointment time.

Please complete all of the information as fully as possible – use extra paper if necessary.

Page one explains our services and allows you to prioritize the types of care you are most interested in.  You may number the different categories, or you can prioritize them using “A – B – C – D” if that might be easier for you. 

Page two gives us confidential information and the foundation for your file, and allows you to explain your healthcare goals.

Page three :  Continue by giving us your health history. 

Page four :  List your lifestyle habits and any health conditions.

Pain chart :  On this page you can circle or draw arrows to indicate the areas you feel pain or have symptoms.  Use the pain number scale (1-10) to signify the severity in each area. 

Call our office as soon as possible to make arrangements for your first appointment at (808) 742-9326.  We look forward to helping you meet your healthcare goals.






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